Technical Event Production

At Velvet, we know that perfect technical production depends on two things: detailed understanding of both your strategic goals your audience, and attention to detail.

Our team of event specialists are second to none in both categories. They’ll work by your side to ensure your project is brought to life with creative, extraordinary and out-of-the-box technical production.

Why do you need a technical events partner in Mallorca or the Balearic Islands?

Put the technical elements of event production in the hands of our experienced professionals and you’ll benefit from both their expertise. Our team will…

• Install your equipment

• Work as your technical event partner and integrate with your own team

• Provide creative solutions

• Offer full technical event services and support at the venue

Think of us as your partners working towards the same goal: a great live event to remember.

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Technical Event Production

Pre wedding Shabbat dinner set-up in a beautiful Castle

Audiovisual Equipment and Services for Your Event

Lighting Equipment

A creative professional lighting setup can add atmosphere and enhance the emotional impact of events. As well as a wide selection of lighting equipment, we also provide personalised technical support, from design to operation.

Sound and Audio Equipment

Whether it’s live performances, recorded background music, or speeches and presentations, our technical support team will ensure that the sound is always clear and crisp, based on their deep understanding of acoustics. We’ll make sure the sound design is a perfect fit for your event, provide the specialist AV equipment you need, and handle the operation of all microphones, mixers and speakers on the day itself.

Video & Projection Systems

The right multimedia video or projection system can make the difference between a good presentation and a great one. Even in challenging configurations, our experts will find creative solutions so you can be confident the setup at your event delivers maximum impact.

Video Streaming & Live Feeds

In today’s interconnected world, live video linking, live streaming and similar technologies are essential for many events. We’ll provide the guidance, technology and know-how to ensure seamless connectivity.