Event Lighting Design

With your end goal as our destination, we develop a design and rigging plot that fits your event and the venue, while maximising safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. But the only restriction is your imagination – we can align power, rigging and design to create truly spectacular results.

Whatever the objective of your event, great lighting design can maximise its impact.

Intelligent design with Capture

By using Capture software for light design, we can bring your ideas to life. Capture allows us to visualise the rigging and lighting virtually, with the flexibility to change hanging fixtures, colours and more to create a 2D sketch or full 3D model. It also allows us to import media and draw from a library of lighting fixtures, trusses, LED panels and video projectors. When we’ve finished, we can render the design in high quality and export interactive presentations.

Shining a light on special moments

Our lighting designers know how to add a touch of magic to any event. Distinctive lighting using advanced design and technology can increase the impact of special moments, emphasise important areas, and set the mood.

Contact us to discover how your special event can shine.

Event Lighting Design